28 December 2007

. . . guess what . . .

. . . came in the mail today? . . .
a very important {& scary} envelope
& yes, i cried when
i took it out of the mailbox . . .
. . . wouldn't you? as you know,
important occasions call for
certain preparations.
of course, lots of people
would be coming to our house
for the opening of this envelope ~~
so, of course,
there must be food,
or at least snacks & beverages.
since the call came
at around 2:30
& the opening was to be held at 6:30,
there was not much time
~~ chips & salsa it is!
see, i told you
lots of people would come!

everyone made a guess

as to where

elder romney would go

here's elder romney

{with shaky hand & letter opener

passed from friend to friend

expressly for the purpose of

opening these important envelopes}

elder romney beginning to read

{note the envelope covering the letter ~

exposing only one line at a time}

the letter & the call . . .

. . . to serve in the
mexico city north mission
beginning wednesday 2 april 2008
{i swear i didn't know where he was going
when i made salsa this afternoon!}
happy sisters
{& snickers in her christmas sweater}

really excited dad & sister

{she was playing the part of the

"cryer" tonight since

i'd already had my own episode

when i went to get the mail this afternoon}

addi was excited since her guess was . . .


{side note . . . she was not so excited
when i handed her the prize money
~ $1.00 ~
her comment ~ "just one?"}

happy grandparents & preoccupied aunt

katelyn looks excited

so does kenzi
& all the fackrells for that matter
question . . . how many people
are texting in this photo?
answer: three {at least}
most importantly . . .happy
elder andrew davis romney

note from mom: i would advise against

having an only boy be your youngest child.

i can't even describe how much

i'll miss this wonderful son

who always behaves & makes us laugh.

we are so proud of him!


Kimberly said...

WOW! Congratulation DREW! I am so excited for him! It will be weird not sitting by Drew in sunday school anymore, I think it has been about 14 years straight! ha ha, he will make a great missionary! P.S. I love your blog it makes me happy everyday :)

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

How exciting!!! My husband served in the Mexico City East Mission and said there's a lot of dogs there and take some flip flops cuz you don't want your feet to touch the ground ever even in the shower. Oooh and stock up on the pepto tablets! Other wise the people are great and the experiences there are testimony building.

Congrats Drew and enjoy the work as the Lord does!

MichelleY said...

Congrats Elder Romney! Now you too can speak the "blessed" language with Mike Jones and the ladies who work the snack stand at Sam's Club! We are really excited for you!

Peg and Parker said...

Drew! Congrats! Rich says it turbo that so many of "his" peeps are getting calls to Mex.City Norte. We concur on the dog and flip flop thing. You will be an awesome missionary, you have the formula, great smile, friendly, love people, obedient and faithful, and likes Mexican Food. Rich learned a ton while there on the cooking end. Watch for my Nephews:Elder(Jeff) Slade from Mesa, belongs to Fred and Marti, and Elder (Jon) Arnett, belongs to my brother Sam and Juliet Arnett from Queen Creek. OUr prayers will be with you. Heart, the Moffats

Meg said...

I totally called it... sos you know... lations to ya Drew- you'll be bril as we all know....

Romney family said...

Congrats to Andrew! We are all so excited for you! Let us know when the farewell is!

The Cummard Family said...

congratulations to drew & family! i ran into him at americopy thursday night, and he mentioned he should be getting his call the following day. how exciting! i'm sure it will be bittersweet when he leaves. you'll have fun sending him perfectly wrapped packages though right ;)

The Cummard Family said...
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angieinpink said...


that is so happy! mexico is such a sweet mish, i had a few friends that went there. so fun!

i can understand how much you are gonna miss him. we just got eric back, and now ryans gonna leave. {single/many tears}and i can tell just by lookin' @ drew that he plays the same role that my brothers do: family spark plug.

yay for calls & happy times!

{alisse t} said...

How exciting! I know I said this on my blog already, but really? They send 7 year olds on missions?? There is no way they're old enough, right?!

Good thinking (inspiration) with the chips n salsa...he'll be so great! At least you'll have Vicki to go through the next two years (almost exactly) with. She'll need you, too!

shalae said...

Congratulations to Drew! I still can't believe him & Brad are going on missions. They were JUST babies!

chris & amber said...

I LOVE the last picture. His face says it all. Chris says he'll blend right in with the natives with his dark skin & hair. Except he'll tower over some of them. I am still in denial...family time won't be the same without him.

Jenna said...

I know my little man is only 2, but I can't imagine being away from him for 2 years. I feel a little of your pain Stephanie! (BTW- he is sooooo adorable!!!! he has grown up since I saw him last. You must be sooo proud.)

Suzanne Cummard said...

How exciting. You & Brad will be great missionaries.
AS for the moms.. at least they got eachother, right!

STEPH- both of our families need to invest in those counters, or whatever they are... ya know? where you put a sticker on each day!


Julie Jan said...

Congrats! He will be such a great missionary! Amber said there were so many people there! He is a good guy! Your house is so adorable..you probably get that all the time. Oh and you sure know how to throw a party!