22 April 2008

. . . oops! . . .

. . . i did it again . . .
. . . since my last oops! post,
& thanks to you loyal readers,
many oops! now reside in far away places
such as California, Utah, Texas, Wisconsin & Oklahoma
as well as Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek,
Scottsdale & Paradise Valley
{edit: apparently Mexico, too!} . . . . . . which has necessitated more time spent
@ my trusty bernina sewing machine . . .
{in reference to my previous anniversary post,
props to my husband!
we spent nearly all the cash
we got as wedding gifts
on said bernina,
which has been well loved
& heavily used}

. . . so, here, for your viewing pleasure,

are just a few of my favorite

springtime additions to the oops! line . . .

. . . please take note of the
red lady bug version below . . .

. . . here's one for

all your little boy camo needs . . .

{sorry, but all the real camoflage ribbon

i've found so far is genuinely ugly . . .

so, this will have to do}

. . . one of the top selling features

of oops! burp cloths

{see below}

is that they're exactly the same

front & back . . .

. . . you can still email me to order
{see sidebar up there & to the right }
or, if you're planning on
attending a bead party
thursday 24 april
{see here or here for more info}
you can see 'em firsthand
& they'll be
ready for immediate delivery
also available:
bling bling by amelia {i know her!}
& to die for bead diva creations . . .


scott and britney garner said...

How Cute! I "genuinely" love the way you find creative ways to display them, and wish I could have driven by at that moment! Way cute, and I will definitely look forward to a boy in the future, just so I can purchase one in real camoflage when you find the cute stuff!

{alisse t} said...

Oops! You DID do it again! You're SO creative. They look great. And you're so funny- (I know her!) after Mimi's name. It should say, (I birthed her!).

Amelia Johnson said...

Thanks for the shout out mom! You rock! I can't wait for the rockin' par-tay tomorrow night. You're so dang talented in the sewing department.

chris & amber said...

You HAVE been sewing your brains out! These are darling...you are one talented chica. I can't wait to use mine again in 6-ish weeks!

Brittney Smith said...

Cute burp cloths. I will need to get one as soon as I find out what I ma having. I love your family pic. too. Very cute!

Maria said...

I love the ladybug one! So cute!

Molly said...

I don't know if these count, but the ones you made for Angela have been handed down to cousins in Mexico, so I guess you can say you have gone International.

lorie said...

Those are gorgeous! Too pretty to let a baby oops on!