26 January 2008

. . . i spy . . .

the first quilt i ever attempted
turned into a fairly ambitious undertaking
{read: it gave me carpal tunnel syndrome!
my left thumb & forefinger are
still [3+ years later] numb
from holding down the acrylic template
with all my might
whilst rotary cutting
around each hexagon shaped fabric piece}
when i finally got over my
feelings of bitterness
towards the offending project,
& actually finished piecing it,
setting it,
having it quilted & bound,
i was {naturally} a little over protective
{read: if you think any child
is ever going to touch this work of art,
you are sorely mistaken}
i was wrong
case in point:
demonstrating how to
look for & find whatever
"i spy with my little eye" . . .
she totally gets the concept -
you know, she tells us
what it is that she spies
& then waits for us to locate it halleigh,
on the other hand,
enjoys telling us exactly
what she "spies"
& then she proceeds to point it out
to everyone playing


just likes firetrucks {& rockets}

the little game inevitably turns into

facemaking/acting crazy/laughing uncontrollably

the end

p.s. sorry you had to look at that skeleton in my previous post for such a long time. and again, thanks to all of you wonderful friends/readers who have been asking/commenting/calling/praying for/worrying about my husband. that means so much to us. the latest news i can give you is this . . . he is still recuperating from surgery {2 sites - one in his hip/cheek, and the other right on his spine [where they actually chip away a portion of vertebrae to be able to insert electronic leads into the epidural cavity of the spinal column]} which will in itself take plenty of time . also, this week, the device itself was powered up/programmed to begin the process of confusing the pain signals the offending nerves are sending to the brain. he believes he is getting some relief from the nagging three+ year old pain. hurray! soon the process of weaning himself from extremely high levels of medication will begin. this will not be easy. he has a long way to go to regain his physical strength/functionality. so . . . what i guess i'm asking for is more support & compassion as he continues down this long, hard road. it is so refreshing, however, to see a teensy weensy light at the end of the tunnel! again . . . thank you so much. we definitely feel of your strength!


MeL said...

That quilt is AMAZING!!! I can't even imagine cutting out all of those hexagons and triangles and then peicing it together perfectly? Wow, you are a champ! And congrats on the surgery and the light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps the next three years will go by a little faster, smoother and more comfortable than the last three! Hooray for progress!

Peg said...

We are in for the process of Bill's recovery. What a technologically advanced answer to so many prayers. What strength of spirit you have all demonstrated. A true example. We changed Bill's initials to B.J. a long time ago. Bill=Bill as you know and J=Job. Lots of parallels there I think.
Way cute post. Two very nice subjects - Quilts and kids!

angieinpink said...

i am so happy for the update o' your husband. that is so great to see the slightest bit of change for the better. i pray seriously everyday for his strength & health to be back full fledged. ♥

that quilt is AMAZING!! i'm glad you showcased that now, so I can make one & be done by the time i have grandbabes...'cause that massive project would take me AT least that long!

{alisse t} said...

Ok, how cute is that "I Spy" quilt?! Carpal Tunnel=a small price to pay for the sound of grandbabies laughter, eh?
Oh, and SO happy to hear about William O. Hopefully the healing/weening process will be quick and over before you know it. :>

The Cummard Family said...

I know you're dying to make me one ;) or at least teach me how...right!

scott and britney garner said...

I love the quilt. My last one literally is falling apart. Maybe cuz I didnt know how to make one. But I love this one and one day will have to make one for my kids! Great idea! Thanks for the update on Bill. Im glad that there is some progress!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

I'm so grateful that you keep us up to date on your dear hubby's surgery and recovery. Our prayers are always with you and your family! We love you so much. Bishop Romney was there for me when I needed support. It gladdens me to at least be able to pray for him and you!
Aloha nui!
Oooh and I love that quilt.

Michelle said...

Wow! that is so cool. If you ever do another one I have a way to do hexagons that is so easy and will save your hands from falling off. Will you to e-mail me your address for the fat quarter echange? mhollisfamily@cox.net
Also you need to start a picture collection of your quilts for all the obsessed women like me to admire. Michelle Hollis

shalae said...

I love the quilt! I remember that my mom & I got all the piecest together to do one but we never did. If it took you that long I don't think we could have done it! But it is so cute & it looks like your grandkids love it. I hope that Bill/Bishop Romney (what do I call him?) is doing better every day! Thanks for the update and I hope the next one is even better!

Becky said...

your grand kids are SO cute! and what a fun quilt for them to play with! glad to hear that some progress is being made! hope he keeps feeling better & better every day!

cammac said...

I'm sorry, those are the cutest little girls ever! I love the quilt. Thanks for the update on Bill. We are continually praying for him. Love, Mac and Cam

chris & amber said...

You really worked hard on that quilt! So sorry you had to get CT from it. The kids really LOVE this quilt. Their comments during this little game crack me up.

Suzanne Cummard said...

That is so fun. And you are such a cute grandma. Even though you had a plan (NO KIDS)... you saw how happy it made your cute grandkids & totally loved that more!
CONGRATS on finishing.

The primary decided to keep Bishop Romney as the "Person We All Pray About." I hope... we all hope are prayers are heard & answered soon.

Stay positive.