15 January 2008

. . . something you don't see every day . . .

blogs can be really inspiring.
THIS cute girlfriend
gave herself a challenge,
which in turn,
for some reason challenged me.
well . . . lookee here . . .
iron in the cupboard
ironing board actually folded up
two empty cans of light starch
final ten shirts looking good
and {this has NEVER actually happened before!}
an empty rack
where once hung
oh so many wrinkled items

on a sad note . . .

drew just came home from work

and he had the nerve

to put a dirty shirt

{one that needs to be ironed!}

in the hamper.

unfortunately . . .

good stuff never lasts.


Johnson Fam said...

I really don't remember the last time that rack was empty! Way to go, mom! You are like the ultimate professional ironer. You put creases in shirts like no one's business. Maybe that rack can be used for it's original purpose instead of the ironing pile! WAY TO GO, MOM!

chris & amber said...

'Atta girl! I agree with Meems...you are the pro-ironing gal. Who needs the dry cleaners when we have you?! Now is the time to teach Drew how to iron his shirts since you won't be available to him for 2 years! Waaah!

angieinpink said...

oh, so proud of you.

and extra proud, 'cause mine is SO not done yet.

{i've given myself a tiny extension}

i'll keep you posted. *wink*

Jenna said...

I hate it when a wet towel gets thrown in the basket 5 minutes after I finish folding all the laundry and I really hate it when I've just emptied the trash and something big and bulky gets put in there. AAGGHH