31 January 2008

. . . out with the old . . .

think back . . .
. . . to the year 1983
{if you can}
what was going on in your life?
were you even born yet?
if you were me,
you were 25 years old
you'd been married 4 1/2 years
you had two darling little girls
{3 years old & 2 weeks old}
you were moving into a brand new home
you'd just finished building
where this plush forest green carpet
had been freshly installed
now fast forward to 2008
- 24 1/2 years later! -
and guess what's still around?
but . . . not any more!
oh, happy day last week
the end of an era
out with the green
in with the ginger spice
{she was/is my favorite . . .
don't you just love girl bands?}
seriously, though, that's the
name of the carpet colorno more commercial grade
green polka dot
family room floor
bring on the neutral
you know that thing about light colors
making the room look larger . . . it's true!
imagine the enormity
if the walls weren't red!

i probably will miss the green

at christmas time

{i might miss MAGGIE, too}

i'm not sure ginger spice

will look so smashing

with all that red & white

it's a chance i'm willing to take

you know they also say
"change is like manure . . .
it stinks!
but, it's good for growth."
i thought it was just that
new carpet smell
food for thought . . .
if ginger spice lasts
as long as forest green,
i'll be 73 the next time
i get new carpet


Elisha and Brett said...

I LOVE the ginger spice! (yes, even more than the girl band) You have to admit though, 24 years means that it was pretty good carpet! Just get a nice forest geen rug during the holidays!

angieinpink said...

i love the new look. change is fun...the green was very cute too though. everything that is around you is cute though...what new? (:

i hope in 24 years i can get new carpet...(:

you're the best poster...always so visually entertaining!

Becky said...

yay for new carpet! it did make that room look larger! your house is going to look so much different now!!! but yes, change is good!

The Fletchies said...

very good choice of color! I love new carpet smell. except for scrapbooks etc new carpet smell right now...is it just me or does it smell terrible in there?

Jheri said...

You could've put lime green carpet in your house and it would've looked cute, because EVERYTHING you do looks cute! But I do love the Ginger Spice. Fun to say & looks good too!

Johnson Fam said...

LOVE the new carpet! The old carpet was okay too, but LOVE the new color! It seriously makes the rooms look so much bigger and the stairs look awesome! Merry Christmas to you from Daddy-o! YAY!

chris & amber said...

LOVE it! Not to mention how SOFT it is! Did you intentionally wait until Mags left this earth to get new carpet? :o) She'd have blended right in with that carpet.

MichelleY said...

I don't think I can imagine your houes without the green carpet, but I'm sure the new carpet looks wonderful! Nice color choice.

Michelle said...

You crack me up. Love The Ginger Spice. I'm so excited to have another blogging grammy. We are few in numbers. Thanks for the darling fat quarter. Sooooo cute. My mom is a great machine quilter so you need to give her a call. I'll e-mail you her number.

{alisse t} said...

It will be weird not seeing your hunter green carpet- because after all, it's all I've known my whole life! Love the ginger spice, though!

MeL said...

I LOVE the ginger spice, it has such personality! And am I really the only one to comment on how jealous I am that you moved into your dream home at the tender age of 25? Shoot, I'm going to be in my condo until I'm at least 55!

Oh, and the new carpet smell never lasts as long as you would hope it does...sad face.

jckhadlocks said...

I love your house! I know I've said it before but it's true.. The new neutral carpet looks great!

Suzanne Cummard said...

I had no idea you were doing this.
I love the new look. It is awesome. There will be no problem at Christmas time!

I love the color (and the vaccuem lines) and the way it looks with everything else.

Can I drop by to see it?
Maybe on a bike ride, while Ellie yells the whole time "Drive by Stephanies... OH, there's Stephanie's house!"
She always wants to stop anyway.

AND- Ellie's blog is brand new.
She just said: "Stephanie didn't see my blog?"... So stop by anytime! SHe is so proud!

Melis said...

Love the new look! It looks fabulous! Oh, how I dream of new carpet! Fun stuff!