06 February 2008

. . . blue . . .

blue describes my mood today

blue like the ties mitt always wears

i'm afraid my state is even turning bluebut looking on the bright side,
the sky today is a lovely shade of blue

spring is coming &
my pear tree is just about to pop
things will look better tomorrow
they always do . . .


Peg and Parker said...

Blue huh? So sorry. Sorry that Mitt didn't do better, sorry that our state has to embrace that one guy and that Hillary(or is it she who shall not be named?)took the Dems. too. Eeeeeeek!. But I love that as always you see the positive in the day, like the cute pear tree and it's blossoms just getting ready. Didn't someone write a Primary song(no political reference intended) about that? No wait, it was apricot. My Bad

Becky said...

i'm blue da ba dee da ba die... ha ha jk. i'm bummed about mitt too.

Lori said...

I listened to the Glen Beck show tonight, I could tell he was blue about the whole situation as well. The pear tree however, did make me feel better. I love the spring/winter when everything starts to blossom.