11 February 2008

. . . oops! . . .

. . . in the spirit of
{i had to look that up on dictionary.com}
& by popular demand,
here is what i've been up to lately . . .. . . it seems like having babies
is all the rage these days . . .

. . . &, as everyone knows,

babies are messy . . .

a} they drool

b} they spit up

c} they have runny noses

d} & junk

question #1: why not

clean them up

{& protect yourself}

in style?

. . . animal prints are

"must have" this season . . .

question #2: did you know
there was such a thing
as leopard print fringe?
yeah, neither did i 'til recently
. . . here's an all white version -
perfect for blessing day . . .

FYI . . . all oops! begin with

a premium 100% cotton

diaper service quality diaper . . .

. . . embellished

{on both ends, so you look good coming and going}

with 100% cotton chenille,

rick rack, ribbon &/or vintage trims . . .

fact: at a baby shower

over the weekend,

the mom-to-be opened my gift

& proclaimed

"these are the reason

i'm having a baby!"

{i know . . . lofty goals}

. . . here is an actual user of

oops! burp cloths . . .

question #3: doesn't she look jazzed about it?

question #4: don't you wish we could see

how excited her dad looks, too?

***email me

{there's a link up there& to the rightjust above mitt's photo}

if you're interested***

of course, @ only $12 each,

oops! make wonderful gifts

{hey . . . treat yourself, too}

. . . the selection is ever changing

& i could maybe be persuaded/bribed

to do custom orders, too . . .

{with plenty of notice, please!}


Becky said...

these are so cute! i love them all! once again, you are the most talented person on the planet!

angieinpink said...

Angieinpink's Testimonial:

Oops' are THE BEST burpcloths to exist!! I was the lucky recipient of three for my baby shower just 2 short years ago...and I just LOVED using them w/ Chlo'! They are just the right size, just the right absorption, and FReaKin' cute! I've got my sis addicted to 'em as well!

Steph, you are amazing! Organized rows of such adorableness makes me smile!

scott and britney garner said...

Steph - You are so freakin cool! I love all your burp clothes. I also recieved some from you and they are the cutest things I have ever seen. I got so many compliments and they come in so handy! They are thick and absorbent, and of course are adorable. I love them!

Michelle said...

These are the cutest things I have ever seen. But.... I will not, I repeat will not get pregnant just to buy one. Ha Ha Ha

The Cummard Family said...

i've really got to learn how to sew. you are seriously amazing. one of THE MOST crafty/creative people i know. and have so generously passed down that trait to your oh so talented daughters as well. lucky! those are the cutest things....and you make it look so easy.

thanks for comming the other night. i felt honored to have stuph from steph at my bead party! truly.

Jenna said...

This is so funny! I don't know if you knew that Chris and Amber are being so generous and sharing some of the girls old baby clothes with us and I told my Chris just the other day that I hoped Amber put some of your burp cloths in the box!!! Then I saw this post! I LOVE these and have since Addi was a baby!! I'm finally having a baby girl and I get to have this kind of adorableness hanging from my shoulder!:-) Yippee!! I couldn't email you for some reason, but I need two of your cutest little girly pink ones!! :-) Let me know how you are working payments. I'm so excited - I can't wait to take them to church! :-)

Robert, Holly, Carter & Gabby Sparks said...

I love the burp cloths you made for us. People always gave compliments on them! Oh, and by the way, Carter cannot stop singing "Mitt Rom-ney" from your last post!

MichelleY said...

I was hoping you were almost convinced at the end of your post...to procreate again!! Atleast that's what you hinted on my last post :) LOVE the burp rags- they were so helpful with Brodie - he was always throwing up and they kept both of us cleaned up quite nicely.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

I wanna have another baby just so I can sport some of these Oops!!!

I gotta tell my mom to check this out!

luvs and kisses,

Kim said...

Those are the cutest burp cloths I've ever seen. To bad my kiddos are passed the stage of using them. I will keep them/you in mind for others.

Arnett said...

I am SO glad you are officially selling these now, because three of these adorable burp rags are just not enough! I get so many compliments on them, and I absolutely love them! No other burp rags even compare. I'm glad Olivia's little face can help sell them as well! {The picture would be even cuter if her dad had the burp rag facing the right way!} And, although you cannot see his face, I can assure you he was very excited to be using it as well, because he does not do spit up! I will be e-mailing you right away, because those animal prints are a must! I am also excited that I know what I will be getting for all future baby showers now!

chris & amber said...

HALLELUJAH!! Now I can tell people you're in business when I'm sportin' these cute burp cloths. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited to have a boy, but these girly burp cloths {esp. the new animal print ones} ALMOST make me wanna have another girl! Ha...notice the emphasis on ALMOST?!

chris & amber said...

PS. I noticed "email steph to get STUPH"...does that mean you're considering selling jewelry too?! People ALWAYS ask me if you sell the necklaces you made for me & my girls.

Stephanie said...

thanks so much, girlies, for all the nice comments/testimonials. i appreciate the accolades!

to those of you who have been my "guinea pigs" as oops! have evolved {you should see how different these are from the first ones i made for addison - nearly six years ago} thanks for being walking advertisements.

i've learned a lot about what diapers to use, which trims i like best, etc. all the while, you were using/testing my "experiments"!

so . . . keep up the good work. and let me know whenever you need/want some more!


p.s. amber . . . don't push it! no jewelry for now.

Elisha and Brett said...

Wow! You are super tallented! Those are adorable! Things like this make having girls the best! I am going to have to get me a few of those!

Melis said...

Oh, this is so awesome, Stephanie! I was fortunate enough to receive some from you at my shower & I simply LOVE them! I still have them, cleaned & ready if we have another boy down the road. And if we have a girl, you better believe I will be emailing you. And hey, would it really hurt if I ordered a few new boy ones? I think not! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS received compliments when I was sporting them & I've gotta say... I've seen others & none compare to yours! You got me all excited! Wishing you all the best! ;)

Molly said...

Steph, i've got to ditto all the comments above and was so grateful to get so many cute ones when Lala was born, but I'm wondering if you have any manly ones for your bro, he's still drools every once in a while, J/K ;)

Jennifer said...


This is Jennifer (Smith) from the good ol' days in HP ward. Your burp cloths are just so adorable! What a great idea. I found your blog on another site and am so pleased that you and your family are doing well and staying busy! Please say hi to Amber for me and good luck with this new project!

cammac said...

I agree! These are the best burp cloths eva! I love all of mine. I use them...oops...about every 2 hours. Love them! Thanks so so so much! Love, Cam

shalae said...

These are the BEST! They actually were part of the decor in Noah's room when he was a baby. I'm excited that I can tell people to look at your blog if they want to get some. Good luck and someday down the road I will be buying some from you!!

chris & amber said...

Jennifer Lee Smith! I have thought about you & how you have been! Send me an email at: amberleigh.hansen@gmail.com, please! I'd love to see your blog!

The Bradshaws said...

I feel so privileged to be the owner of not 1 but 3 of these cute burp cloths!!! They really are absloutely adorable. Thanks, Steph!!

Fat & Sassy said...

Stephanie, You are so very talented, and hey it isn't fair to see how neat it is around your cute crafting, I tell my kids that you can't be creative and neat, too. I almost had them convinced until this...
I would love to own one but I'm not getting pregnant, maybe one of my girls will have another and I can buy some from you. I always did think you were one of the best seamstresses around.Nice job as always in everything I have ever seen you do.

tiffany k said...

Ummm, so these are the cutest burp cloths on the planet! I seriously said to Michael once the shock of my last pregnancy (Cash) sunk in...and I quote..."I'm so excited, I so hope Sis. Romney makes burp cloths for me!" No joke!!! I'm so glad you're selling them. They are the best ever and I have to make myself use them because I fight against my urge to protect them and not get them dirty! SOOO glad you're selling them!