25 February 2008

. . . birthday wishes {times two} . . .

. . . today marks the
twenty-second anniversary
of the birth of . . .
johnson. . . fun facts about meemers include . . .
fact #1: she is an excellent student
in fact, after 3 1/2 years of college,
majoring in organizational communication,
she maintains a 4.0 gpa
{will someone please give this girl a scholarship? seriously}

fact #2: she is the knower of all

reality tv trivia/celebrity gossip

really, if you need

the latest scoop

just text her

fact #3: she loves text messaging & is a pro

{hopefully, she doesn't do it while driving ~ any more}

fact #4: she met her husband . . .


. . . on a blind date

{courtship included a text messaging "mishap"}
aren't they cute together?

fact #5: she loves to laugh

fact # 5.5: really, there's nothing so
funny as a dog in a sweater
{with a hood}
fact #6: before amelia was born,
i had amber & amanda with me
at the grocery store,
& the clerk asked me
if they were my children {THEY ARE!}
no one has ever asked me that about mimi fact #7: amelia was born
on her grandma's 50th birthday
happy 72nd birthday
to my beautiful mom
fact #8: i have been told
{more than once!}
that i look {a lot} like my mother . . .
you be the judge

fact #9: the uncanny resemblance

between these two portraits

. . .amelia's the one on the right

in this picture of a picture . . .

{which really doesn't work very well}

you might assume

the vintage photo

on the left is me.


the frame is shared by amelia

& her namesake, g-ma davis

fact #10: i ♥love♥ both of these

beautiful women

& wish them

a wonderful day


meg said...

I love everything about this day then. The pictures and the fact that you labored to bring one of my all time favorite people into this world! And what the cute pink dress! I know- you made it huh. You-types make me sick. Happy Birthday Meems! Oh- and what are the two of you doing on Saturday? Gecko anyone?

MichelleY said...

Happy Birthday Meemers! Hope you have a great day - thanks for giving Aaron help in walmart!! How about a sweet chicken foot tournament to celebrate?

Johnson Fam said...

Thanks mom! That was such a nice post! I definitely look like you and grandma for sure! Thanks again! Birthdays just aren't the same when you are turning 22. So uneventful! :)

Can I be 5 again and invite the neighborhood kids over and have a sweet party?! PLEASE!? Pretty please? Haha jk.

Peg and Parker said...

Yeah Meems, Have a party and invite the neighborhood and I'm there, maybe Megs too! Let's do it! Happy B-Day and to your G-Ma whom I adore as well. Thanks Steph for this cute post. I heart you all! Peg

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Meemers!!! I'd like to add one more fun fact: ENERGY! the end.

Love ya.

G-Ma happy birthday to you too. We Love you.

chris & amber said...

LOL to Molly's comment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE SISTER!!! Seriously...the whole birthing on G-ma D's 50th birthday couldn't be more perfect! GREAT GREAT POST, Madre.

Elisha and Brett said...

It's interresting, people have told me quite a few times that my girls look like YOUR GIRLS! I take that as a huge compliment! They are so beautiful!

{alisse t} said...

Happy Birthday to Mimi and Nathel! So, your family has a lil' tradition of having children on others' 50th birthdays, eh?! And yes- you, Mimi, & Gma Davis are TRIPLETS! Cute post- I loved all those pictures. :)

cammac said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family! Although Amelia looks a lot like you, I think Amber and Amanda do too just with dark hair. What a cute post. I love love love the pink! PS. I'm glad to know that cranky babies can turn into fun, cute, beautiful, GOOD girls. Gives one hope. HE HE Love, Cam

Vicki said...

Happy, happy birthday, Amelia dear!
Great post for a great girl, Steph.
I love that girl!

Becky said...

happy birthday amelia!!! {and your g-ma!}

angieinpink said...

that is so tender.

all women/girls featured on this blog are beautiful & amazing....it's a fact.

Lori Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Amelia. You girls are growing up - we all are! I remember when Amelia was a cute, petite baby, she's still cute and petite. Happy B-day!

Chase said...

This is Tricia. I love this post. Happy Birthday to both!

The Cummard Family said...

so good stephanie. i really am dying at how much the three of you look alike!

shalae said...

Happy Birthday Amelia! This is such a cute post!

Michael, Tiffany, Reese, and Cash said...

What does it mean when your post is so sweet and touching that you made me cry? All of your girls are so beautiful and I'm glad I had the chance to get to know Amanda in Primary. I'm bummed that Amelia wasn't in primary any more when I was called. I hear she was awesome! What a cute and fun family!!!!