15 November 2007

readin', writin', & 'rithmetic . . .

. . . HARDLY!
. . . though not officially a "student",
i do ♥love♥ to take classes . . .
. . . but only classes I choose.
. . . just say "no" to
math, science, etc . . .
now if we're talking
sewing or crafts,
{occasionally cooking}
i'm in! . . . well, peg & i
have been working hard
in our quilt class
over the past six weeks . . .
. . . & this is my
first completed project . . .

i really enjoy the process

of choosing fabrics,

cutting & piecing

the quilt top together

{those small pink pieces are 1 inch squares}but, this week,

our homework was to

straight-line machine quilt

one of the three projects

we've done in class . . .

. . . that part was not my favorite . . .

{good thing i know where to send it to have that part done!}

. . . here's the back . . . last step . . . binding

& voila!


{peg thinks it's a good idea

to name each quilt you make}

please leave suggestions

for names

in your comments. . .

thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

That quilt is to die for, I miss you next door so much.
It would be easier to take it, for a few days that way.
You are so talented with everything you touch.
Love your Guts,

Meg said...

Ditto. You are so brilliant- and I love that you-types are all quiltin and cardin... I am going to say that one looks like a Lucille, or a Rosie, or even Frani for that matter! ;) Love it- it is so cute!

amanda p. said...

So glad we could see ya at card class today! One look at that quilt and I know you have MEGA patients!!!! Super cute! I think it should be named rosebud :)

chris & amber said...

GOOD JOB! I can't imagine having to cut all those teeny tiny pieces. Very very very cute! I like Rosie, like Megan. I also like Mary because those flowers look Mary Englebreit-esque. Or Rosemary! Let us know what you decide!

The Bradshaws said...

Are you kiddin' me?! How do you do it? Maybe you should name it the "I belong in a museum never to be touched because I'm just too darn perfect" quilt. Just a thought. If not, then Rosie's a good second.

Mel-Mels said...

Hey, I'm Mel. I don't know if you remember who I am, but I'm Alisse's friend and know two of your adorable daughters.

So I've been stalking for a while now, and this post made me want to tell you that you and my mom should be best friends. She likes quilting too. And she's the nicest person in the entire world.

Anyhoo, you're positively adorable, and I thoroughly enjoy reading/viewing all of your amazing talents! Have a fantastic day!

Alisse T said...

K, I'm not even joking- I had these names in mind BEFORE I saw Amber's ideas. I was thinking Mary, since ya know- it's Mary E inspired. And then I thought of Rosemary, too! Love it, love it, love it!

angieinpink said...

Rosie Englebreit?

When does the sheer cuteness stop with you? Seriously never.

Amazing, a-maze-ing quilt skills.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

Wow, I want it! I need to start quilting again so I can someday make beautiful Rosemary quilts like you! Yes, I too agree with Amber and Alisse. Like Amber stated,"those flowers look Mary Englebreit-esque". You are very talented Romney Shimai! (I'm feeling extra Japanese today.)


Lori said...

That quilt is sooo cute! I do like the name Rosie but I think it should have a last name too, so how about Rosie-Posie. (the P is for the polka-dots)

The Fletchies said...

I thought it looked very mary engelbrightish as well. I really like the polka dots mixed with the rest. very very adorable. ten points.

Sue said...

PINKIE....pinky.....however you want to spell it, just real pink...love it!!! And then pink reminds me of October, and breast cancer awareness...etc, etc, etc....since you had a pink extention, I think you could name this quilt "Pinky"

Becky said...

ME all the way! i would go for a name not so obvious though... like sophie or something! let us know what you decide!