27 November 2007

". . . ♫♪ it's the holiday season ♪♫ . . ."

". . . ♪♫ so whoop~dee~doo,
& dickory~dock,
& don't forget to
hang up your sock ♫♪ . . ."
{times twelve for our family!}
. . . today's tour begins in the kitchen
where you'll find this
entire village of snowpeople . . .. . . honestly, you could
feed the national guard
with the amount of
treats you could store
in these cookie jars . . .

. . . moving on to the kitchen table . . .

{we don't have a dining room any more

because we don't "dine" ~ we just "eat"}

. . . this is the beginning of

what you will see is a theme

{or an obsession, as my family likes to think of it}

colorwise & candywise . . .

. . . now for the family room

in a counter~clockwise rotation . . .

. . . this is, i believe,

the oldest christmas decoration

i own . . .

. . . handmade when i had

one fifteen-month-old little girl,

making it exactly

twenty-six years old

this season . . .

. . . see all those tiny pieces of felt
and blanket stitching
around each two~inch ornament? . . .
. . . i almost hate to say it out loud,
but, over the years,
we have managed not to lose
any of the twenty-five decorations,
YET . . .
{i put them all on the tree at one time for your viewing pleasure.
now they're all back in the bottom pocket,
waiting for the beginning of december,
to be placed, one per day,
on the tree ~~ you know the drill . . .}

. . . the sofa table

{away from the sofa, temporarily}

in it's seasonal finery . . .

{remember the theme?}

. . . bookshelves in everyday life . . .

. . . bookshelves christmas-ish . . .

. . . "the stockings were hung

by the 'chimney'

with care" . . .

. . . except, we don't have
a chimney any more,
we have a built~in
entertainment center
where our fireplace used to be ~
and that's where
we put these pretty red things
at this time of the year . . .

. . . for 11/12ths of the year,

this is what our

green hutch looks like

{except sometimes it's dustier} . . .

. . . but right now,

this is how it looks . . .

{these are some of my favorite christmas things ~

many of them are

cherished gifts from friends i love

[you know who you are!]}

. . . and in my opinion,

appreciative admirers

make all the time spent

"decking the halls"

well worth it . . .

. . . coming soon . . .

the tree and remember the quilt? . . .

{they're done . . .

i'm just too tired to continue this post . . .

and you're probably too bored!}


Meg said...

Your house + Christmas time = an unreal dreamland.... I always love the Romney home when it gets to be that time... I might just come and stare at stuff too! What? Bored? Please! Oh- and how do you do the hearts and the notes like that in your writing... crazy creativetown are you.

MichelleY said...

I'm so excited - your house always makes me smile - I drove by last night and saw the lights and your front door wreath were up and lit - so cute- totally match your theme. Oh and I LOVE those candy topiaries on your table - have you always had those?

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

I could never be bored on your blog especially this post. What a winter wonderland. I was so baaaah humbug and now that I've visited your blog I'm ready to decorate. Thank you for spreading the Christmas cheer.

Peg and Parker said...

Not even bored, but more like inspired and in awe. You are two words a-mazing! Love the home year round, but whoa! So the home tour starts now. I'm coming over to see the sights, smell the smells, wait no smells, what if I bring cookies? Yea! Don't think I won't. Heart, Peg

melis said...

Bored?! I don't think so! Just go right on ahead & insert the back of my head next to Addi's.

L-O-V-E love it!

Becky said...

your house is amazing all the time... but at christmas time it is beyond words!!! can't wait to see more posts! you should show your cute peppermint candy lights outside too, i love them!

The Cummard Family said...

AH! I can't wait to have all my stuff done! My kids keep begging me to get the tree up....blah. The decorations are almost complete-except I feel like I've misplaced a few boxes, and have a few less shelves this year. Hmmm. Don't worry, once it's done I'll have a tour for you to enjoy as well...might not be quite as good as yours, but maybe over the years I'll accumulate (sp?) more and more-I love it! Especially the thoughtful friend gifts! Great post, I always remember your house to be so cozy!

chris & amber said...

What a teaser! I was waiting for you to post a picture of your FAB tree!!!!!!!! This was a jollyful post to read. You should see my house. A naked Christmas tree waiting to be decorated, boxes w/ Christmas stuff waiting to be put in its place, and a Christmas tree box that has been thrashed by the kids from playing "house" in it all day long. :o)

jckhadlocks said...

So I LOVE your home, especially with all the decorations for the holiday season. I can only hope my home will ever be as cute as yours at Christmas or any time for that matter. Is Amanda in her new home yet?

abigail said...

Looks very Cute!!!!! I wish i was as good at decorating as you are!! I dont decorate to often! But i did decorate my blog!!!! Lets just say I LOVE Christmas!

angieinpink said...

Don't worry, I am just now commenting, but I have looked at this post 100+ times...basically because it's amazing. Holy North pole @ the Romney's! For reals. SO CUTE. Your stockings in a row...wow.

Two words: awe & respect.

Suzanne Cummard said...

I can remember that felt? tree from way back when. I wish my mom still had hers that we would hang charms from the chain! Do you remember hers? Haha. (I would have it in my house, dang-it.)

Of course I love everything you do.
Can I come over to admire in person?