04 July 2008

. . . it's independence day . . .

. . . wishing you all a very
{is that possible?}. . . . . . fourth of july. . .
. . . and count your blessings . . .
hint: just stay home & watch
on television
while drinking something {aka diet coke w/ sonic ice} really cold
those folks sure know what they're doing
& the music's fabulous


Fat & Sassy said...

I'm with you on the sonic idea and popcorn...I love your picture that you used...Happy 4th! Stay cool!!!

Lori Taylor said...

This was the first year Kenny & I stayed home, I felt like we were missing something, maybe it was the diet coke w/sonic ice. Weather wise, it wasn't that bad of a night, kinda breezy.
Happy 4th!!!!

chris & amber said...

That would've been my choice...staying at home w/ a Sonic swig in front of the tube. But the girls wouldn't have it! I do have to admit...the weather wasn't too bad! Thankfully!