16 September 2008

. . . half a century . . .

. . . fifty is a really big number . . .
. . . for my really big day,
my sweet daughters,
and husband
wrote "poetry" for me
. . .
. . . you know those kind of poems
~ i believe they're called
acrostic ~
where you write the letters of your name
down the left hand side of the page
and then write something
about the person
beginning with each letter?
. . .

. . . everyone was a good sport
{honestly, who'd
want to write about me?}
and participated
. . .
. . . they were given exactly three minutes
to compose their
deepest and most heartfelt thoughts
. . .
. . . amanda collected and shuffled them . . .
. . . then, as she read them
i was instructed to guess
who had written what
. . .
. . . it was pretty easy,
since each person was SO amused
at his/her own cleverness,
they couldn't stop laughing
. . .
. . . some of my favorites
~ in no particular order ~
and not necessarily true . . .

S ~ super, stylish, sewing genius
T ~ tearful in regard to Drew, the bees knees, toes polished
E ~ expert, elegant decorator, elite blogger
P ~ phanny packs, phlowers, pretty awesome cinnamon bread
H ~ humorous, has leftovers!, halloween ~ not her favorite
A ~ amber/amanda/amelia/andrew's mommy, awesome gardener
N ~ never wears PJs in public, nifty, no nonsense
I ~ is my fave MIL, incredible Christmas decor, independent
E ~ every time i'm over~house is clean, excellent stroganoff

. . . i thought everyone's ideas had been shared,
but amanda started reading yet another
. . .
. . . she had even gotten
elder drew to participate via email
. . .
. . . my laughter turned to tears
{see "T" above}
as i listened to his contributions,
which may not seem as funny to you
as they were to me
{i'll try to explain where necessary}

S ~ says i'm the cutest boy at porter elementary [he was]
T ~ tunnle, carple {check spelling, but that's funny} [i have it]
E ~ egg pan [he made scrambled eggs every morning and never washed the pan]
P ~ phiddle pharting around [his favorite phrase of mine]
H ~ hunts for key changes [i point them out during Wilberg arrangements of MoTab numbers]
N ~ as in nancy [it's hard to spell romney over the phone - "m as in mary, n as in nancy"]
I ~ i'll be home in 18ish months
E ~ excellent {insert uplifting noun here}

. . . he's a funny/weird boy
and i'm so glad he was included
in the festivities . . .
. . . in a bonus email yesterday,
drew said, "happy birthday, mama . . .
. . . your birthday is mexican independence day
and people are going to party so hard tonight . . .
. . . they party the day before
so that they can be hung over
on the day that they don't have to work . . ."

. . . i'd like to thank all of mexico
for celebrating right along with me
. . .

. . . in other news, i wanted to include actual photos of these literary masterpieces,
i'm working on a new computer here and
i have no idea whatsoever how to get my photos from there to here

{my dear son-in-law spent the better part of his weekend
setting up everything "new computer"-related for me,
but i still have plenty of questions. HELP, BRENT!!!!}


shellene said...

Happy, happy, happy 50! So glad you are a few months older than me so I can always feel young! (Yeah right!) Thanks for being the most amazing friend for the past 26 years. I know I can always count on you to cheer me up and make me smile with your most awesome email exchanges! You are the bomb-dig-i-ty fur shiz-zle! (Is that appropriate to leave on a blog?)

granny said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed sitting behind your beautiful family on Sunday at Bella Vista. Hope your day was fabulous.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

This prego mama is so hormonal I'm just crying away at Drews poem. That is just the cutest thing ever. I just hope my boys have as much love for me as he for you when they are missionaries.

And I have to agree with every word of those poems. . . you are an angel. . .happy birthday!

Peg and Parker said...

O.M.Gosh! I loved the poetry and the want to add one of my own:
S - Some kind of wonderful friend.
T - Takes on or tackles tough assignments.
E - Everything she orders for lunch is what I want.
P - Pretty much the best example of everything.
H - Has and Keeps a beautiful home with a great spirit there.
A - All 4 of the A - Romney Children are awesome.
N - Needs Girl Friends for occasional cheering up.
I - I love to call her my friend.
E - Easy to see why so many love her.
So glad you were born lo those 50 years ago. Stuph would not be near as great without Steph in our lives.

MichelleY said...

Happy Happy Birthday Steph - time to get skipping around the room!

becky said...

happy birthday!!!

shalae said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! I love what your kids said about you - they are all true! I hope you have a great day!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday from one September baby to another! And congrats on converting to the iMac. You'll love it.

Julie said...

Happy, Happy 50th Sterfie! Enjoy your day! Love the poems. You all are great!

Hugs to you my friend!

[ s ] said...

Delurking blog-stalker here...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Melis said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Lots of love on your special day!!!!!

MeL said...

Happy happy birthday Stephanie Dear! I would hope that happy days do indeed come to you all year! I heard that 50 is the new 40, so live it up! Have a wonderful time celebrating, and your kids are funny stinkin' kids!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Steph! It was fun to have an excuse to get together tonight. It looks like you had a fun day!

meg said...

You're 50! And you can still dance and kick! (c'mon... SNL- sally o'mally...) I hope it was great- sounds like it was awesome and I heard about your big-a computer that now lives at your house for your blogging needs! I love that a great deal. Happy Birthday!

pj said...

Please tell me you got a MAC. If you did I am here for you. If you didn't...I am still here for you. Happy birthday. You are inspirational! pj

Ward said...

Wow, 50! Does Bill realize he's married to such an "old" lady? Sounds like your day was fun.

Stephanie said...

thanks to all of your for your happy wishes.

sheena . . . *please* email me
granny . . . the program was fabulous and chloe is darling
kanoe . . . i cried too!
peg . . . loved the poem and the chips and salsa
michelle . . . skipping kind of hurts
becky & shalae . . . thanks so much
janet . . . the mac is smarter than me
julie . . . thanks for the card and awesome photos
[s] . . . thanks. but, who are you, please?
melissa . . . you're too nice
melissa #2 . . . you also are funny - loved the post on your brother
lori . . . glad you can walk again
meg . . . i thought you were being personal, then i saw it was about the computer
pam . . . it's a mac. i'll be calling
ward . . . watch it!

Katee said...

Happy Happy! I checked your blog yesterday but got sidetracked about commenting. And how about your post your "yummy strogranoff" recipe?

The Wells Family said...

Fifty is Nifty! Hope you had a great day. I am not too far behind you. I decided that this is my last birthday( I turned 49)!
Aww, my Missionaries sent me the most greatest letters on my day too. Logan is excited cause he will be home to celebrate the big 50 with me...Ok, so there is a reason to have another birthday!

Sassy said...


I went sky diving on my 50th...it was awesome!

you are one of the cutest 50 year olds I know...

Becca said...

Happy B-day! I thought Drew would have wrote Phlowers. Ha I was laughing so hard at that one and Phanny pack. I just think substituting PH for F is so funny.