21 February 2012

. . . bullet points . . .

  • insomnia
  • no walking
  • laundry
  • campaign fundraiser
  • grocery shopping
  • meet blog friend in real life
  • water yard
  • hang tv on wall
  • vacuum sawdust
  • lemon bars
  • move furniture
  • marinate chicken
  • lame blog post
  • sleep {hopefully}
  • no photos
{i hope your day
was just as fun~filled
as mine was!}


Vickie said...

What a productive day for you in spite of the insomnia. I too find myself plagued with this, which ruins the next day. I'm too tired to think straight much less do as many things as you did!

Bill said...

I wondered where you had been?!

chris+amber said...

I will die the day I suffer from insomnia, but way to be productive! Reading all this made me tired. You know there are magic blue pills out there called Advil PM, right?