29 September 2007

all i really need to know . . .

. . . i learned at our retreat, which was held in beautiful heber. if you hear about this from someone else & they tell you we went to a cabin . . . they are lying. it was a log mansion.
i'm not kidding - three car garage with plenty of room for six or seven church tables & chairs.

two huge family rooms, enough bedrooms/beds for about thirty people {or so}, amazing windows/views, a lovely kitchen, & most importantly - very, very generous owners who would share anything with you. love them! thank you.

anyway . . . what i started to say is this - it was worth going just for the following important lessons i learned:

1 ♥ if you follow the signs {and your leaders [boy, am i glad she's our leader!]} you'll get where you need to go.

2 ♥ chips & salsa are {or should be} considered an essential food group. i think vicki would agree.
3 ♥ whoever invented fajitas = pure genius. props to sherman and mikejones for cooking them for us.
4 ♥ men will be men - even when seriously outnumbered.

5 ♥ it is possible to unwrap a candy bar whilst wearing garden gloves & using only a knife & fork. {we are so prim, proper . . . & violent}

6 ♥ if your last name is fuller & you are a girl in our ward, you are tall, blonde, pretty & thin. {their husbands = not blonde; their boy children = not tall yet}

7 ♥ if you brought matching clothes, now's a great time to sport 'em.

8 ♥ i never knew this, but peanut M&Ms provide a protective force field for your valuables.

9 ♥ simple math: two grown women + sleeping in this double bed {definitely} = rolling to the middle

10 ♥ this is apparently an effective & scientifically proven method for relieving that "b l o a t e d" feeling that inevitably comes with a change in altitude. {ever notice what happens to your contact lens solution bottle or a bag of potato chips when you take them to the mountains?}

11 ♥ rest/relaxation wears you out. seriously. who sleeps in the payson sonic drive thru?12 ♥ most important lesson: the 2008 HP Ward RS Retreat is a must attend event. pencil it in now!


shelleneg said...

Great...I thought we agreed what happened in Heber...stayed in Heber. Mike Jones said "at least my pictures were flattering"! We did have a REALLY REALLY good time though.

angieinpink said...

um, you are officially a professional blogger by nature!

adorable posts...but of course, i wouldn't expect anything less from your cuteness. (:

chris & amber said...

Are these the "interesting pictures of Sheena" that Suzy was talking about? Too funny. Can I come next year since I am a HP alumni {don't get me confused on the correct singular/plural word for this}? Looks like you guys had way too much fun! Sheena is always the life of the party, isn't she?! She is one funny chica.

chris & amber said...

PS...I've decided I NEED one of those shirts that Vicki is wearing!

Amy said...

This looked like so much fun! HP is ALWAYS having a good time. And about the extensions, we can find a place to put them that would not copy shellene!

Amy said...

Oh and one more thing...about the eyelash stuff, you might just want to come down to the salon to get it. I am having troubles trying to get it on my own. They are being difficult. If you have any questions or want me to being it home from the salon, just let me know!

Lori said...

Stephanie, we had some of the same pictures but your captions were so much better - hilarious!! I am so glad you started a blog, will you give me some blogging 101 lessons.

MichelleY said...

WOW - I never knew I could be so proud of where I came from before! Too bad all those shots were just a normal day - or road trip with Shellene G - except I heard you got her back this time sleeping with her for what she did to you last time we went to the swap meet :)

Suzanne Cummard said...

Still laughing...
A) Sherman & Mike JONES.. HA HA
B) Sheena. (PERIOD)
C) Matchingness. I really don't care if that's not a word.
D) You & Sheena's bed!!
E) EVERYTHING that happened there.

I love the way you posted this.