29 September 2007

happy birthday rambo

this is amber leigh.

it's her 27th birthday. she is amazing. she is a wife, mother of my three darling grandkids, & all i could ask for in a daughter. she can do SO many things {& do them well!} including - but not limited to - cooking, decorating, staying in incredible shape & scrapbooking. she has an infectious laugh. she's beautiful. she's creative. she's organized. she has a really cool blog.

here is the rest of her cute family:
oldest daughter=addison
second daughter=halleigh
favorite grandson=tate

she had 15 minutes of fame several years ago.
check her out!
celebrity or not . . .
i love her to death.


shelleneg said...

Amber is one of my heroes! I look up to her so much. She is amazing and beautiful! Happy Birthday Amber!

Rob, Melis & Reed said...

LOVIN' your blog! Too fun!!!

And thanks for your WONDERFUL words about the kitchen! It truly means a lot! I posted some info on what I did to complete the project, but I think it's important that you know that I am not the best at providing details so if you have ANY questions, I'd be glad to clarify. :)

P.S. Will you tell Amanda I said hello? Where is her blog? ;)

Hope you have a most wonderful day!

chris & amber said...

Thanks for moving me to tears! Thank you for being SUPER-GRAMMY {according to Nellie, you were her grandma too} and helping me, the frazzled mama, at Halleigh's party today! You ROCK! I can't wait for you to post Halleigh's party pics on your blog. You definitely got better shots than we did!

Suzanne Cummard said...

Ditto to everything you said & everyones comments. Amber follows in your footsteps in so many ways. She is one of the craftiest people no matter how many breaks she takes inbetween. Your both so inspiring... so are your other {darling nation} daughters.

The Bradshaws said...

Way to make me cry. I'm at work and tearing up like a big baby. Amber is such an amazing person! She's always been such a good example and a great friend!