28 October 2007

happy birthday manders

amanda joan
{that's jo-ann, not jone -
after her gramma romney}
. . . she's 24 today . . .
. . . she's our number two daughter . . .
. . . she's always been a peacemaker . . .
. . . i love the way she's
constantly concerned
about everyone's welfare/happiness . . .
. . . it's pretty wonderful . . .
. . . here she is pictured in her
brown days when
she spent seven blissful weeks
going to school . . .
. . . in hawaii
. . . & as you can read
from her message in the sand,
she was really just killing time . . .
. . . she knew early on
who she wanted
for her husband,
even though it was
a long two years
waiting for it to happen . . . . . . she was not tempted
even a little bit
by this hairy man
who pretty much spoiled
that day at the beach.
{weak stomachs -
please don't click to enlarge}

. . . here's amanda

professing her love♥

for all things thai,

especially a

certain elder there . . .

. . . she even resorted

to skydiving

as a diversion tactic . . .

{older type people will

have to click to enlarge}

. . . she's that tiny speck

floating back to earth -

well, it's her

& the instructor . . .

. . . recognize any of
these cuties?
{she's the one in pink - always}
. . . it must have been
a rough semester . . .
. . . i think her schedule
included two classes -
new testament & hula . . .

. . . finally . . . it happened . . .

engaged at last

. . . only a couple of months

after brent came home . . .

{he's giving her

the ring in this photo}

. . . the whole fam-damily

at their big day . . .

. . . several months later,

she went on

the honeymoon

of her dreams

& saw wicked in nyc . . .

. . . this post is definitely

limited by

the collection of photos

i have on this computer . . .

. . . if i could, i'd show you

pictures of amanda

. . . dancing beautifully . . .

. . . cheering enthusiastically . . .

. . . communicating with

her older sister

in sign language

from the time

she was about three . . .

. . . laughing contagiously . . .

. . . loving to sleep in

& never getting to . . .

. . . we've been blessed to have


living with us

for the past little while . . .

. . . they'll be getting

a place of their own

really soon

& i'll miss

having them here . . .

. . . but i wish them

all the best

as they continue to

accomplish the goals

they have set . . .

. . . iu manders . . .


Peg and Parker said...

Happy Birthday to one of the cutest girls I know. May all your dreams come true. What a fun blog! All 'Yalls Rock!

melis said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Amanda!!! Hope you had a most wonderful day! I've always admired & looked up to you... you've always been such an example to me! Lots o' love!

chris & amber said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AmandaJoanda! You're the bomb diggity. LOVE YA TONS! Well said, Madre. I can't believe you posted this at 1 a.m. You looked like you were ready to pass out when we picked up our kids at your house @ 9 p.m. last night. You crazy chica.

MichelleY said...

Happy Happy Birthday Amanda! Still wish we were like 6 yrs old and had super fun birthday parties all together with the whole neighborhood- oh and I 'm totally jealous of all thouse Hawaii pics.

kacee said...

Ahh, Manders! She is ALL I heard about for years! (my mom is a huge fan) Such a cute fun girl! I loved watching her interperet at CE, she always had a smile! Please tell her happy birthday from me! Fun post!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!! We loved seeing all the fun pics, you girls really were brown when you came home from Hawaii. What a fun time. Have a GREAT day.

The Cummard Family said...

My cousin! Malia made the blog-lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA! Cute post, as always!

melis said...

Post Script: I clicked to enlarge before reading your notes not to click to enlarge & I just have to say... that's absolutely horrifying!! Oh, I just can't seem to throw those darn sweats away. Trust me, I've tried! I think, on some level, it's my way of holding onto dance... I miss it terribly! ;)

alisse said...

Happy Birthday to Amanda Joanda! But why wasn't there a birthday tribute to Diamond Margaret as well?? Please tell me you kept her alive for one last birthday celebration.

Robert, Holly, Carter & Gabby Sparks said...

I have to admit that nothing says Happy Birthday quite like a sasquatch man on the beach! Happy Birthday Amanda!

Johnson Fam said...


By the way, I finally started my blog.


Hopefully I can be as good as you when it comes to bloggin' it up!

Laura Blue said...

love amanda... that was fun to see the whole story

angieinpink said...

happy birthday cutest amanda! what's your secret to looking like a million bucks 24/7. do tell.

Suzanne Cummard said...

Oh how I love her! What a cute post. I was hoping you'd include some of our "mushroom hair" days!! HA HA.
Amanda is the best & I am so glad she waited for Brent. What a lucky man to have her as a wife & How LUckY for her kids.. one day!!

Steph.. I loved reading this.. as always.