17 October 2007

what can . . .

. . . brown do for you?
doesn't it bug
when the doorbell rings
& you go to answer it
& no one is there?
except when you find
one of these . . .
. . . just waiting for you.
it's so comforting
to know they used
"fragile -
handle with care"
fortunately . . .
there was lots
of cushy padding
stuff inside . . .

. . . protecting the cutest little boxes

i've seen in a long time . . .

. . . & i was really pumped
about the boxes,
but . . .
. . . check out
these little beauties
which were nestled inside.
i'd ♥♥♥ to eat
mint chocolate chip
ice cream
in these,
& i don't even like
mint chocolate chip
ice cream!
we even had
a little photo shoot
with some of the other
black&white stuff
i seem to be
collecting lately i ♥♥♥ the ups man
{& amanda for the shopping tip!}


angieinpink said...

What a delightful package! And because I'm the ultimate blog-stalker-comment-reader of Amercia, I knew you ordered these via Amanda's blog, and I was basically really jealous. Have I mentioned you have cute taste?

Oh, and I think I want to marry your craft room in the background of the 4th picture.

K. Bye.

Becky said...

those are SO adorable!!! jessica would love them too, cause not only are they black & white, but also polka dots! i might have to order some for her too! cute cute!

chris & amber said...

I'm happy to say I had a "I LOVE THE UPS MAN" day today too. Thanks to Rachel & Lucy! They sent me 2 carmel apple covered with Oreos and M&Ms which I think would've fit right in with your cute black & white sh-tuff.

chris & amber said...

Oh I had TWO packages come today. The other included Addi's wig for Halloween. Let's just say she is dying for Halloween to come!

Alisse T said...

I am dying over these DARLING bowls! I followed your link to Amanda's and I think I need those crown dishes. I wonder if SGIA can carry that line?!

Oh, and of course YOU can look at my blog all you want, silly. Because you're right- it IS all about YOU! :>

Alisse T said...

P.S.- Scott used to work for UPS, and his sisters bought me a shirt that says "I fantasize about the UPS man!" Do I need to forward that gem on to you? :>

melis said...

A-stinkin'-dorable! Those are too fun!

amanda p. said...

Yeah!!! for your more adorable than life dishes! I'm so glad my post was so helpful to you! :) Your blog & life is the cutest ever ever! I wish we could still go to the card class on Thursday mornings but Emily has school... maybe I'll just come by myself or get Laura to come with me. I hope someday my girlfriends and I can come close to how cute & fun you & your girlies are :)