02 November 2008

. . . seven/seventeen . . .

{***true friends will read all the way to the end, please***}
. . . to celebrate the seven month mark of
elder romney's
missionary service in mexico city,
i was lucky enough to get together
with some new friends
in utah last weekend . . .

. . . i met the entire hunter family
{except, of course,
the one that's
out of the country} . . .

. . . sam & julie were so nice
to drop everything
saturday afternoon/evening,
and it was great fun
to visit with them
while sharing stories
about our missionary sons . . .

. . . then julie treated me to
dinner at brick oven ~
a well-loved provo landmark . . .

. . . the next morning,
i attended the "farewell"
{even though i know we don't call it that any more}
of our cute nephew
who is just about to embark
on an exciting missionary adventure
in the west indies . . .

{i need someone to remind me to take pictures, because i totally forgot}
. . . the third leg of my utah trifecta
was hearing elder verbica
report on his missionary experiences
in mexico . . .

. . . and i got to meet his whole family, too . . .
. . . it was wonderful to listen as
he recalled events which occurred
in the four different areas where he served
and as he spoke about the converts
in whose lives he was able
to help make a difference . . .
. . . he was obviously
a very effective instrument
in the lord's hands
and i'm so grateful
for the great start
he was able to provide
in mexico for drew . . .
. . . i was also invited
to the verbica home afterward
{thank you don & maile . . .
aka pedro's parents}

where we were all treated to
mexican cuisine authentic
to the very region in mexico
where elder verbica served . . .
. . . he's been diligently
scouting out mexican restaurants
in the salt lake area
since returning home . . .
{tip: come to arizona for all your real mexican food needs}
. . . ***okay now . . .
. . . here's me groveling/begging for
your questions for elder romney . . .
. . . pretty please won't you
leave yours in the comments? . . .
. . . or just email me*** . . .
. . . thanks . . .


Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

What a fun adventure for you to meet Drew's Comp's parents. Makes me think about the experiences I'll have one day as a missionary's mother.

Oh my, all this time that I've lived here and I've never eaten at the Brick Oven. . .shame on me!

No Qs for Elder Romney cuz I haven't read much of the blog you have for him so I don't know what he's already answered. I'll get to reading soon and ask some fun crazy ones considering I've got a RM in my home that served in Mexico City too.

angieinpink said...

seven months? that went by fast....for me.

Lori Taylor said...

I'm so glad you got to go to Utah and meet the parents of Drew's companions. I'm sure there is a special bond there even though you didn't know them before. How Fun!

Peg and Parker said...

Dear Elder Romney(Like Dear Abby), Will there be Births in the Millennium? What a fun weekend you must've had. I'm happy you got to go.

Sassy said...

oh my stars...how fun for you to meet the families of Elder Romeny's companions...I would love that...very cool!

I need to read his blog so I can come up with some good questions...I like Peggy's..he is getting VERY CLOSE to his year...WOO HOO!

Michelle said...

How fun was that trip. I never thought about getting together with companion families. My son gives me so little information I don't think I could find anyone. I also think your grandkids are the cutest!