06 November 2011

. . . best seat in the house . . .

. . . this is my view
every sunday morning . . .

. . . i'm so grateful
for music in my life . . .
. . . and grateful
that i get to serve in my ward
by playing the organ . . .
. . . also very grateful
i didn't make
any big mistakes today . . .

fun/weird stuff about this calling:
•i'm always early for church
•nice soft choir seats
•sitting right behind the bishopric
•chit chatting with them
•watching people try to
sneakily sleep through church
•the "parade" of latecomers
{you'd be surprised. and it doesn't matter what time church starts}
•a "special" visitor who
{unbeknownst to me}
plays the foot pedals
during my prelude music
•seeing only the backs of speakers
•music ~ i love music!


Peg and Parker said...

Your music is one of the things I miss the most at church since being "inactive". I never have noticed the mistakes you speak of, but now I'm curious about the special visitor. Who, or should I say what?

Bill said...

I am lucky to have such a talented wife...I, too, love music but don't have the talent. I DO appreciate it. However, I am getting tired of sitting alone at church (I know, I know...she had to sit alone with kids for a lot of years, too.)

Shellene said...

and i for one, request you to play some day at a special time for me...you know...a time we hope never happens for a long time. you are so talented. i'm always in awe of you. but i'd say the best thing about your seat on the stage is the way you try not to make eye contact with me during "special" times, when making eye contact would result in emotional outbreaks....of either sort....i'm just sayin'!

chris+amber said...

Even though I can't hear your piano/organ skillz, I know you are incredible because everyone tells me so! And, for heaven's sake, just serenade Sheena and give her a private piano concert! ;o)