12 July 2013

. . . oops! and a LOT of 'em . . .

. . . well --- it's been quite a while 
since any oops!
or even a few bloops!
have graced the ol' blog . . .
. . . don't worry . . .
. . . i've still been sewing . . .
. . . we've just been hanging out 
on instagram instead . . .
. . . but they're super teeny tiny 
over there . . .
. . . so --- here's a bunch of them 
in their extra large photo glory . . .
. . . ordering is easy 
using the email link 
at the top of my sidebar . . .
. . . just in case 
you see something 
you can't live without! . . .
. . . you can refer to them 
by the extremely clever 
photo captions ;) . . .

{girls gone wild} 

{boys gone wild} 

{think cool} 


{minty crest} 

{black&white i love lucy} 

{sock monkeys} 

{strawberries 'n cream} 

 {he grays}

 {she grays}

{red&white fight team fight} 

 {pink - the other best color}


 {byu demanded equal time}

{summer solstice} 


{weaving 101} 



{boy oh boy oh boy} 

{mmm . . . chocolate}


{flag day}


life in red shoes said...

Oh my goodness gracious! They look so much cuter on the blog! Kinda up close and personal!
Love them all, they each have their own personality. The blankets, the colors, THE SOCK MONKEY RIBBON!!!
And I'm not a big fan of sock monkeys, but that ribbon may have just changed my mind :)

Carol said...

They are so darn cute!

Maxine said...

Where are there pictures of your swaddle sever and the colors to choose from?

Emily elmer said...

I want to know about the swaddles too! I have one that I was gifted and I think I need more!

•stephanie• said...

emily . . .

i hope you see this, since i don't have your email to respond. my inventory of bloops! swaddles changes all the time. a few of them are pictured above with oops! burp cloths. if there is a particular color you're looking for --- just email me using the link at the top of my sidebar. we'll talk!


Chandi Young said...

Are these all in your current inventory of oops?