25 March 2008

. . . it's all about drew . . .

"clipboard of fun"
{name that 'blast from the past' sitcom, if you can}
featured the setup, preparation & cleanup
of a little shindig
honoring our soon-to-be missionary son,
drew on the menu . . .
mexican appetizers
{thanks gecko grill}
lots of chips
queso/salsa/guacamole/bean dip/jalapeno cream cheese
fresh fruit
& quite an array of delectable desserts
provided by lots of my favorite people
{thanks mom, molly, vicki, shellene & amber}

amanda was a huge help all afternoon . . .

. . . joined a little later by amelia,

then all three girls stayed late

& cleaned up the entire party
my daughters ROCK!

the guest of honor stayed busy

posing for photos

most of the evening

& tossing a pinata

that wound up hitting me in the head . . .

. . . i'll miss him


Amelia Johnson said...

"Clipboard of fun" = Full House! I win! YAY!

That party rocked! You are the queen of throwing parties and gatherings. It looked perfect, per usual. Loved the food. MMMMMM!!!! Great job, mom!

MichelleY said...

Dang- I missed the pinata action! Everything looked perfect - like always!! Thanks for the good food, and the good memories, I'm sure you'll always remember the blow to the head from Drew.

Molly said...

The party was a blast, I can't believe you have stuff posted already, do you ever sleep? Thanks for all the yummy food and drew was very nice and missionary like, I know he'll do a great job.

chris & amber said...

The fiesta turned out fabulous! Ew...I cannot believe you quoted Full House. I think Amelia is the only person I know that STILL watches that. Good job...you're a good party-thrower {I know that isn't a word, but what the heck!}!!

The Fletchies said...

The party looks fabulous and very delectable. Yum.

Michelle said...

Hang in there Stephanie. As the time gets closer it's going to get harder. My son is absolutely loving his mission and your son will too. It's a bitter/sweet.

becky said...


Arnett said...

I can't believe I didn't recognize "clipboard of fun" from Full House, since it is still one of my favorite shows! I am guessing Danny Tanner says it. Looks like a fun party for an awesome guy! I know he'll do a great job in Mexico!