21 March 2008

. . . announcing . . .

. . . since it's getting
REALLY close
to that time,
i've decided
to share some news
with you . . .
you can keep up with the
of Elder Drew Romney
in Mexico
{if he actually writes to me!}
{if you hear something
different than/in addition to
what you see posted,
let me know, por favor}


becky said...

love it! good thinkin´ starting from the very beginning!

MichelleY said...

The blog is such a good idea - what a good mom to keep it up and looking so cute (manly) for Drew. Everyone looked so good in the matching black for the family pics - do you know where Amanda got her shirt - just wondering??

chris & amber said...

What a smart mom you are! I'm happy I'll be able to keep track of Elder Drew in Mexico.