19 March 2008

. . . W.O.W . . .

. . . well . . . i promised an update,
& since i'm nothing if not honest,
here is a peek at the
finished wedding dinner centerpieces . . .
. . . fun & festivities ensued when the
~ harmony park catering company ~
gathered to prepare the feast
for the WOW {wedding of the week} . . .

. . .seriously, when this group of

some of my favorite women on earth

was serving at

my daughter's reception last spring,

they were asked repeatedly

the name of their catering company . . .

. . . they're THAT good . . .

. . . friends who've since moved away

returned to lend a hand . . .

. . . service was, of course, given with a smile . . .
. . . peg was amazing, {as always},

in her role as the "kitchen nazi" . . .

. . . the MOG, {mother of the groom},

in red, seemed pleased . . . . . . the tables turned out rather nicely . . .

. . . & the food was,

if i do say so myself,

delicious . . .

the menu included:

♥spinach/berry salad♥

{w/ candied walnuts, red onion & goat cheese}

♥ritzy chicken♥

{w/ lemony cream sauce}

♥confetti rice♥

{w/ carrots, red pepper, celery & green onion}

♥fresh green beans♥

{w/ toasted almonds, garlic & bacon bits}


{thanks EVIT}


{al a mode w/ raspberry sauce}

. . . oh, & it was all to honor

this happy couple

who were married

the very next afternoon . . .

congratulations brian&liesl
{thanks for the photo, michelle}

. . . now, since you, the loyal reader,
have persevered until the end of this post,
i would like to share
an insider's tip with you.
should you ever be called upon
to tie ribbons around terra cotta pots,
just say no.
instead, run {don't walk}
& get yourself
some of the elastic
that is used to make
headbands for baby girls.
{which, by the way, is available in a wide array of styles/colors,
none of which were anywhere to be found
when i was busy having/raising baby girls.
who me? i'm not bitter at all}
but i digress.
stitch said elastic into "potbands".
attach bows to bands & stretch around pots.
this will change your life,
& you'll be able to remove the bows,
water the plants
& use them for another wedding dinner
to be held a month from now.

you're welcome . . .


MichelleY said...

Who is that STUD in the back of the MOG picture??? You are AMAZING and everything turned out wonderful!!! I know my mom loves you - and all the ladies in HP for all they do for everyone!! Where do you store 20 potted plants for a month??

Stephanie said...

michelle . . .

unfortunately, i was unable to photoshop HIM out of that shot.

as for the 20 {or did you mean 32?} potted geraniums, MOG part 2 has full custody/responsibility for them. i'm out.

cammac said...

I, too, LOVE the Harmony Park Catering Company. You guys are all amazing. Definitely people I look up to! Plus, I love the choice of BROWN....my favorite color. (Beside PINK!) Cute wedding! love, Cam

cammac said...

oh...and GORGEOUS bride!

becky said...

we have the best ward... & the CUTEST! (: oh & thanks for the tip & an early thanks for helping with the wedding dinner a month from from now {aka marshall & chelsea´s (: }!

shellene said...

Now that it is all over and I'm done with the tradeshow at work this week, I can finally have a partial melt-down. I need to say THANKS to all the amazing, wonderful women in the Harmony Park Ward and a few extra friends that all came together to support my family and help with this wonderful dinner. I am surrounded by so much love and support and the best friends in the world who have loved me and helped me through good and also hard times. Peg never ceases to amaze me at her talents. Who else could figure out exact groceries to buy in mass quantities, how much time and help it would take to cut up, simmer, warm, bread, cook and serve food right on time for 150 people? The food was so delicious. The centerpieces were so cute and it couldn't have been nicer. I am so thankful for all of you and will get around to sending more formal thanks when I get a minute. In the meantime I am humbled by all of you. Many of you have major things going on in your lives right now and I know it was a big sacrifice to help me. You are all the BEST of the BESTEST!

kacee said...

Thanks for the tip, I am thinking it might come in handy for a 50th birthday party maybe...

chris & amber said...

Of course...anything you touch turns out beautifully! You really do have an amazing group of friends. Not many are lucky & blessed to have a group of close friends in the same ward for MANY years!

krista nelson said...

wow!! where were you guys for my reception!! you are amazing. so talented. no wander you and vicky get along so good. your kids are all so cute!

meg said...

Oh my- I was looking for that EXACT tip!! Thanks for this update.. I love the HPCC...and the Kitchen Nazi as well... hope you are going to be ready in 5 years to be my nazi...thas all!

The Fletchies said...

p.s. you all should utilize miss jennifer hall that just moved into your ward, she is the wedding lady extrodinaire. and I'm jealous that she moved into your ward. we miss her.

The Cummard Family said...

how fun steph. and thanks for the tip at the end....such a great idea. you guys are a fun group of mom's, and always have so much fun together. and are lucky to have jennifer halls close by now-she'll make a great addition.

Amelia Johnson said...

I love that ward! And those awesome women! That's all!