02 December 2009

. . . twenty/four . . .

. . . only a few more months . . .
{thanksgiving 2009}

. . . 'til drew'll be back
to "ruin" our holiday pictures
once again . . .
{christmas 2007}

. . . for now, he's managing to do
a pretty good job
with his "silly" faces . . .
{click above and scroll down nine or ten photos}

edit ~ okay kids . . . here's the deal
re: me wearing an "orange" shirt.
let's just say that
on the old navy website's clearance section
"ancho chile" looked a lot more mustard-y than rust-y.
now, i like mustard.
but, for $4.99 i decided to wear rust - twice.
halloween and thanksgiving.
i know.
i'm confused, too.


angieinpink said...

whoa, whoa, whoa,

are you wearing an orange shirt??

you & your family are adorable.

Bailey's said...

I was just going to say the same thing about an orange shirt....but see that someone else already did!

manders said...

ha ha ha. busted. both you and drew.

Amanda B. said...

Funny that you made a comment about the shirt. I was wondering if you had completely converted...you know...with you now being a Halloween fan and all. :o)

Sassy said...

your posts always make me smile and wha a dang cute fam you have my friend......

sandalloons44 said...

wow, you look georgeous in Orange!!!!
And I never liked to wear pink but, with my salt and pepper hair now, I love to wear it.
take care :)

chris+amber said...

orange is growing on you! :o) i can't wait to see what pose drew does for our next year's christmas pajama picture!