08 March 2012

. . . pinterest inspiration success . . .

. . . first of all ~
let me just say
regarding me
and recipes
and pinterest
and cooking . . .
. . . it's most likely ME . . .
. . . not the recipe . . .
. . . and i apologize
to the owners of the pins
of which i produced
less than stellar results . . .

~ ~ ~ moving on ~ ~ ~

. . . i love the transformation of

. . . i learned a couple of things
along the way:
1} soaking in distilled white vinegar
helps remove water stains
and mineral marks inside
2} DO NOT touch the paint ~
not with a paint brush,
not with your finger,
not at all
3} tons of paint collects
inside at the bottom
and it's going to take
a long time to dry ~
don't try to dump it out
or hurry the process along
4} i love how they still have
the glassy/glossy look
on the outside
5} while the insides definitely
have a craft paint/matte finish
6} no water will ever go
in these pieces
7} i'll be gluing the vases
to the bases
{actually candlesticks, a little pillar plate, and an ash tray}
with glass bond
after everything
is really really really dry

. . . they look pretty fun
with my mary walker
and calendar page . . .

{maybe i oughta swap the valentines print for st. patricks}
{let's be honest . . . i'll most likely skip straight to easter}


Carol said...

Very, very pretty...

cammac said...

okay- lots of comments- but LOVE LOVE LOVE

chris+amber said...

Those turned out adorable! I love the fun, bright colors!

becky+cade said...

i bought 3 small vases from anthro a while back that looked very similar & i've always wanted them in more colors... yay for a solution!!

so stinkin cute.

Nedra said...

Look how cute these turned out! I love them!

Robbie said...

Lovely lovely lovely!

It's so fun to make cute things that you don't have to live with forever! You could always donate them back to Goodwill when you tire of them, right??

You have a cute blog!