10 March 2012

. . . saturday snicker . . .

. . . here's a blog
that cracks me up . . .

{no iphone should be without a quirky cover}

. . . for instance ~ this photo's
post title is:
"this is unfair.
there is a lot
of pallet furniture
and chalkboard paint
on there, too" . . .

{disclaimer: beware! some posts are raunchier than others}

. . . but seriously
~~~ some stuff on pinterest? ~~~
wow. just wow! . . .


Sassy said...

I love pinterest!!!!!! But..you are right...some of the things...WOW!!!!!!! I had pinned a picture of a child that I thought was so cute...and got a message from the Pinterest board saying they were removing it because they like to keep it clean......REALLY?????? There was nothing wrong with my pic and I was embarressed to thing they questioned my integrity...and then I go back on and holy cow....some thing truly burn my eyes and wish I had never seen it or read it.....but I do love all of the great recipe's and crafts and beautiful rooms and gardens.....I am a hoarder on Pinterest!

Meg @ BigRedClifford said...

Hahaha. haha. the funny part is, i may or may not have a few pallets in my possession right now... and i may or may not have mentioned chalk paint lots. i guess i better go get more creative! hilarious site though- what a fun find!