01 April 2009

. . . megan joy . . .

. . . hey, megan . . .
. . . let's think back to the good old days . . .
. . . a time when the judges said you were:
•different {meant as a compliment}
•one of the few [we're] going to remember
•hip and
. . . after tonight we could add a few more:
•screeching and birdlike
•whatever the opposite of graceful is
•bratty and
•sassy {not in a complimentary way}

. . . sorry, but based on your 
strange/unattractive behavior alone
you deserved to go home . . .
. . . singing? we won't even go there . . .


angieinpink said...

hahaha...hilarious post.

{i hafta admit:}
i kinda liked megan.

but let's get real:
she was extremely awkward/nervous last night! birdness=definitely disturbing.

i wanted anoop-dog to go home though.

who's your favorite?

Sassy said...

She was so beautiful but so flipping wierd! What in the crap was that bird going across the stage last night and her dance and song reminded me of Sienfeld when Elaine would dance...just so painful....but she was beautiful!!! She needed to go home...bless her wierd little heart!

Bailey's said...

She was so uncoordinated! When she would twist her "bum".....hello!

kacee said...

I, too, loved her in the begining. But couldn't agree with you more - she needed to go home!

I must admit that I am beginning to have a bit of a crush on Kris though...