29 August 2012

. . . ann amazing woman . . .

"i read somewhere 
that mitt and i 
have a 'storybook marriage.' 
well, in the storybooks i read, 
there were never 
long, rainy winter afternoons 
in a house with five boys 
screaming at once. 
and those storybooks 
never seemed to have chapters
 called MS or breast cancer.

a storybook marriage?
no, not at all.
what mitt romney and i have 
is a real marriage."

"[success has] . . . given us 
the deep satisfaction 
of being able to help others 
in ways that we 
could never have imagined. 

this is important. 
i want you to hear 
what i am going to say.

mitt does not like 
to talk about 
how he has helped others 
because he sees it as a privilege, 
not a political talking point. 
we are no different 
than the millions of americans 
who quietly help their neighbors,
 their churches, 
and their communities. 
they don't do it 
so that others 
will think more of them ~ 
they do it 
because there is no greater joy.
 give and it 
shall be given unto you."

"i can't tell you will happen 
over the next four years. 
but I can only stand here tonight,
 as a wife, a mother, 
a grandmother, an american, 
and make you 
this solemn commitment:
this man will not fail.
this man will not let us down.
this man will lift up america!"

i believe you, ann.
excellent job.


Peg and Parker said...

I loved her every word. She is a class act and so is Mitt. Let's get our campaigning shoes on a help him get elected!

"The Most Fabric Wins" said...

I can't get enough of this convention. Love learning more about the "other" Romney's.

Nedra said...

Me Too!

lifeinredshoes said...

It was heartfelt and real, she is one of Mitt's greatest assets.