15 August 2012

. . . short and sweet . . .

. . . just a couple of things tonight . . .

•thing one: thanks so much 
to all giveaway winners. 
that was the most prompt response 
i've ever had. 
all eight prizes were either 
picked up in person yesterday, 
or mailed today. 
{i also mailed the final prize from last august's giveaway. hi bobbi!}

•thing two: there was 
yet another lizard 
in my kitchen today. 
i was not thrilled.

•thing three: muscle relaxant drugs 
make me soooooo sleepy. 
i was, however, 
able to stand a little straighter today,
and i'm hoping for an 
even better day tomorrow. 
{back pain stinks. it makes me feel even MORE sorry for my husband.}

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