16 August 2012

. . . in his own words . . .

. . . two years ago today,
my dad passed away . . .
. . . not a day goes by 
that i don't think about him . . .
. . . i miss him so . . .

. . . i shared these words he wrote 
but the counsel contained in them 
seems to be just what i need today . . .

. . . so, dad, 
i am remembering you . . .
. . . and i'm trying to smile . . .

when i am gone away, 
i pray that i might leave
a few who mourn my passing— 
but not for long. 

instead of tears and wounded hearts, 
i would that those who care 
might find solace 
in the remembrance 
that i lived at all! 

may i be known for lasting love 
of wife, children, grandchildren 
through whom i yet live! 

may i be remembered 
for service to others, 
to my community, 
to its children, 
to god, father of my spirit. 

i would be remembered for charity. 

i have not wished 
to be a tinkling bell, 
a sounding symbol. 

i have loved life and living. 
i shall love what lies hereafter. 

may i be remembered 
for those good deeds of mine 
that showed concern for fellow men. 

may those who truly care 
remember me when i am gone away--
and smile.  
 —jack davis


chris+amber said...

I've been thinking about him a lot this week. I can't believe it has been two years. It just means we are that much closer to seeing him again. I love & miss him lots too.

Bill said...

I could use some of his wisdom about now!

Peg and Parker said...

Love this - I do think of your Dad and Smile. He was my friend and you are also. But not just a friend, but a great friend, you and your dad. I'm grateful to count you both as friends.

mike garner said...

I seldom post, but I can honestly say I do miss whiplash and his sense of humor and sarcasim. He was more than my Bishop, he was my friend. How many people can get away with calling someone bubbles right over the pulpit, only Jack.I loved the banter over the years. Loved how he cared about "his missionaries" that he got to send out. Can't imagine him without your good Mom standing beside him with that smile on her face. I know he was and is proud of you. I do smile when I think about whiplash!

manders said...

i love him. and i love you, mom.