17 June 2012

. . . all about dad . . .

. . . highlights of fathers day:
•drew and jessalyn are in town
•we heard amanda give 
an excellent talk in church
•both our moms came to dinner 
at our house
•after much googling 
of proper technique, 
drew grilled the filets to perfection
{on the minus side: we missed amber, chris and family}
•i tripped on the bathroom rug 
and fell all the way to the floor
•my red shoe broke in said fall
•my mom washed nearly all the dishes
{i kept telling her to stop}

•bill got this swell clock 
to hang in the bathroom 
so that i he can stop checking
my his phone for the time 
while getting ready in the morning
{and i say if you're going to pose like this for a photo, 
you deserve to have it posted on my blog}

. . . and since he obviously loves
 wearing his mitt shirt, 
i got him another one . . .

. . . so the next time he has 
an encounter like this, 
he'll look a little more classy . . . 

{the comments were awesome. go here to read. 
the timeline date was 17 march 2012}


Nedra said...

Did I not tell you the same thing? He has the Romney hair for sure!
And how wonderful that your sweet Mama felt well enough to join you AND do the dishes:)

chris+amber said...

I am so glad Dad had a good Father's Day! I'm sad I had to miss dinner. I hope you're okay from your fall. Now I know where I get my klutz-ness from! ;o) I kid.