19 June 2012

. . . lets go to the movies . . .

. . . have you seen bernie? . . .
. . . i don't go to very many movies, 
but husband thought 
it'd be a good idea
 to take the kids tonight . . .

. . . a few highlights:
•jack black's mustache
•jack black's singing
•matthew mcconaughey's glasses
•shirley macclaine's 
general crankiness
•jack black's outfit 
and walk of shame 
in the closing scene

. . . but my favorite part 
was the commentary 
on this true story 
from real life residents 
of carthage, texas . . .
. . . their accents are stellar . . .


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, we went to this movie not knowing anything about it (had wrong time for movie we went to see). We loved it--and I agree; those true life characters were HILARIOUS! So glad we went "by mistake"!!

Nedra said...

Ok- I like Jack Black, so are your recommending we see it?

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

We saw it last week, and did enjoy it... didn't know Jack Black could sing... pretty great!