02 July 2012

. . . an open and shut case . . .

. . . there's certain stuff 
i like closed:
•closet doors
•drawers and cupboards
•the door to the pantry

. . . and there's certain stuff 
i like opened:
•windows {but only december through march}

. . . these are things 
i feel strongly {aka am obsessive} about . . .

. . . i only wish i could 
convince everyone who lives here 
to share my vision . . .


Nedra said...

When you discover the carrot that will lead family members in this very important (do I hear an Amen?!) category, I will pay you as a personal trainer.

shalae said...

I agree with everything you just said!!

The Husband said...

For some reason I think this post was directed at me since I am the only family member still home. Let me respond....most wives would be delighted that the seat is left down (which I always do). Also, I like the dark (my eyes are very sensitive to light)...hence I like the shutters closed and LIGHTS OFF WHEN THEY ARE NOT BEING USED. (one of my obsessions)

I was not aware of the pantry thing and thought I was pretty good about drawers and closets. On these things I will try better, but only because I love you!