20 October 2012

. . . hellllllllp!!!!!! . . .

. . . we've had a crazy few days now
of trying to wrap our heads 
around this new challenge . . . 
. . . the exact thing 
we were hoping it wasn't . . .
{it's also a hiatal hernia and pylori [ulcer causing] bacteria}

. . . seriously . . .
. . . i'm considering 
a legal name change 
for my husband . . .
. . . william job romney . . .
. . . it has a nice ring to it, no? . . .

. . . our sweet daughter 
has been trying to cushion the blow 
with the perfect book {for me}
barro's gluten free pizza, 
gluten free brownies from aj's 
and a gluten free 
red velvet sprinkles cupcake {for bill} . . . 
{favorite quote from this book, so far ~ 
"Left untreated or insufficiently treated, 
celiac disease can lead to damage to other organs. 
If properly treated, celiac disease typically leads to . . . nothing!"}

. . . hoping el charro 
can figure out how to make 
a gluten free bean burro enchilada style
 and a gluten free cheese crisp . . . 
. . . but, i'm not holding my breath . . . 

i feel very lucky to have a sister-in-law who has been extra diligent 
about feeding her high school aged daughter 
{diagnosed with celiac as a baby} a gluten free diet. 
she will be a valuable resource. 
also, thanks to amanda's good friend, nikki, 
who has been keeping her two-year-old gluten free for six months now. 
i'm open to any and all ideas, tips, and/or suggestions. 
it will be so wonderful to get my husband's digestive tract 
back to healthy again. 
it won't be easy, but we can do it.


lifeinredshoes said...

This is getting more and more common?

What gives?

Our highly refined diet, the one we love?!
Good luck, you aren't alone, and there are more and more stores and eating establishments offering gluten-free choices :)

P.S. it still sucks.

chris+amber said...

Dad is Job of the 21st century, for sure. Kills me. He definitely has a very, very special place in Heaven.

Junior, Amanda, Aliyah, Amaya said...

Wowzers! I'm thinking it's time for you guys to have a break!!! I mean really! We love you Bill it will be ok!!!! You are in great hands(Steph will take good care of you) You really are an amazing woman!! You inspire me to be a better wife!!!!!